Environmental Policy

In RELATS GROUP, we encourage the harmony between our plants and the environment, we support the environmental protection and the prevention of contamination in balance with the socioeconomic needs and our commitment to the continuous improvement.

We commit not only to follow the actual legal applicable laws, but to constantly improve our Environmental Management System and other requirements.

We demand to our suppliers that all the provided products will have to fulfil the governmental specifications of security, materials of toxic or dangerous restricted use, as well as electrical and the electromagnetic ones applied to the country of origin as of destination.

We evaluate and consider potential environmental aspects from the start of products and processes planning, specifically preventing and avoiding the spillage of waste water and the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.

We follow instructions to select, value and recycle the residues we produce.

We systematically improve our processes in order to increase efficiency and productivity in order to mitigate the environmental impact.

We progressively open new plants closer to our customers to improve delivery performance, and to reduce carbon footprint.

Acting in a way that respects the environment is the responsibility of each employee. Continuous task to promote awareness and responsibility towards the environment at all levels, is a Management Team commitment.