Relats Group collaborates in the fight against the expansion of COVID-19 by printing with 3D technology personal protective equipment (PPE) and spare parts for respirators

​In face of the global critical situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Relats Group strengthens its social commitment by manufacturing 3D printing parts to help against the expansion of Covid-19.

The initiative was promoted by a group of employees from Relats Caldes-HQ plant who had contacted through social networks numerous support groups in health centers in Catalonia.

Currently, these actions will be carried out in two different ways: one will be the 3D printing of PPE and the spare parts for respirators, whose clinic utility has been validated by Hospital ‘Parc Taulí’ (Sabadell, Barcelona). The first action, the printing of PPE, includes 3D printing of hands-free door openers and protective visors for healthcare professionals. This project is being managed by our colleague Alba Miralles, Quality & Environmental Engineer at Relats Caldes, who is in direct contact with the ‘Coronavirus Makers’ group in the Barcelona area. The aim of this action is to be able to distribute these PPE through this network to different health centers in our area and to the nursing homes of the surroundings of Caldes.

The second action we are already working on, is the 3D printing of spare parts for respirators. This project is led by our colleague Giuseppe Guerrero, Process Engineer of Relats Caldes, who in contact with the company Intech 3D has designed the pieces that Relats will be able to print and which will subsequently be distributed to various hospital centers through the “Col·legi de Metges de Barcelona”.

For the 3D printing of all of these pieces, Relats Caldes 3D printing technology has been launched and also Giuseppe’s own printer, that are working 24 hours a day to make the maximum amount of parts.

At the same time, Relats is actively collaborating on several projects that some companies in the sector have launched with the aim of developing sanitary textile material that can help medical professionals. This action is being managed by Oriol Farró, Textile Development Engineer of Relats Group, in direct contact with Eurecat (Technological Center of Catalonia) and UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). Relats contributes to these projects adding knowledge from his professionals and all the textile technology used in our daily manufacture of our industrial technical fabric products.

Relats supports all these projects and would like to recognize the group of workers from different areas of the company, such as process engineering, quality and safety, IT, marketing and R&D, for their initiative and involvement in the supportive and active help in front of this situation of health crisis.​