RELATS has established a Quality Policy focused on the commitment to meet both legal and customer requirements and to constantly improve our processes and products Quality
RELATS develops and manufactures electrical and thermal insulating flexible sleeves, as well as different types of sleeves for mechanical protection and noise reduction, always based on a textile substrate Products
Relats S.A.
RELATS is a medium size family company founded in 1957 About Relats
Research and development
RELATS is focussed on innovation using new materials and technologies, in order to offer the right solution to customers R+D
RELATS has sales offices and distributors around the world Partners

About Relats

Relats is a multinational Catalan family company founded in 1957.   We used to produce fabric for several industrial applications for more than 20 years. As a result of the relationship with manufacturers of electrical insulation and polished copper thread, a necessity to produce fiber glass braid arose in the early 70’s.
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Our Products

We are the leading manufacturer of Electrical and thermal insulating sleevings, Mechanical protection and noise reduction covers, EMI and heat reflective protective components and Asbestos free heat resistant seals.
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