Code Of Ethics

In line with the social responsibility that characterises the firm and its desire to prevent and, as far as possible, avoid criminal behaviour within it, the company has drawn up and implemented a Crime Prevention Plan. This is the context within which the company has approved a Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics, which sets forth the corporate principles that must govern the activities of the company and its members.

In this respect the principles contained in this document are essentially based on abiding by the law and therefore on a commitment to compliance with the regulations in force at any given time, both external and all the internal rules the company has in place. In any case, though not on an exclusive basis, the company undertakes in particular, on the one hand, to meet all its obligations to public bodies like the tax authorities, the social security administration and all other bodies with which the company has relations either directly or indirectly, and on the other, to abide by all applicable local and international regulations to protect the environment.

Another focus of attention in the Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics is the management of human resources and relations between members of the company. Company policy is based on scrupulous respect for people’s dignity and in this respect the firm is firmly committed to assuring people’s integrity, safety and health in their work environment.

It is also important to emphasise the company’s commitment to protecting confidential information about the public, as well as that concerning employees and third parties. In this area, in view of their direct effect on its day-to-day business, the company is committed to upholding intellectual and industrial property rights by taking all pertinent measures in each case.

Continuing with the company’s commitments in the area of external relations, mention must be made of its firm commitment to combating money laundering and preventing fraud, by taking appropriate measures to avoid risk situations in this field. Likewise its firm rejection of behaviour involving bribery and corruption as well as conflicts of interest, which must in any case be reported so that the company can take the pertinent steps to ensure that relations with customers and suppliers are based solely and exclusively on trust and mutual benefit at all times.

Finally, it should be pointed out that to promote, keep up to date and ensure compliance with the Crime Prevention Plan, the company has appointed a Compliance Officer and set up an email address ( to inform this officer of any non-compliance of a criminal nature.