Aerospace, Marine & Defence Applications - high temperature, fire resistant, mechanical protection.


Green Nomex multifilament braided sleeve.

DURANX Expandable version

Expandable braided sleeving made of meta-aramid fiber

Periflex 200 HA

Braided sleeving composed of PEEK and PPS monofilament.

Periflex HS

Red or Black ECTFE monofilament braided sleeve.

Periflex PEEK

Braided sleeving composed of PEEK monofilament

Periflex PS V0

Braided sleeving made of monofilament polyester


Braided open self closing sleeve made of combination of glass yarn, polyester monofilament and aluminium foil with paper backed adhesive tape along the edge

Revitex VSC25

Sleeving made of a special silicone rubber coated fibreglass braid.

Revitex VSC25 AL

Sleeving coated with silicone rubber containing heat reflecting aluminium pigments.