High temperature, fire resistant, mechanical protection.


Green Nomex multifilament braided sleeve.

DURANX Expandable version

Expandable braided sleeving made of meta-aramid fiber

Periflex HS

Red or Black ECTFE monofilament braided sleeve.

Periflex NSG RW

Black Polyamide 6.6 Monofilament braided sleeve

Periflex PO V0

Polyester monofilament braided sleeve.

Periflex PPS

PP-S monofilament braided sleeve

Periflex PS RW

Polyester monofilament braided sleeve

Periflex PS V0 RW

Braided sleeving made of monofilament polyester


Woven open sleeve made of monofilament and multifilament polyester flame-retardant fibers.