RELATS, S.A., together with the people of which it is made, is dedicated to providing technical solutions and products which fulfill our customers’ expectations at all times. We are committed to satisfying our customers by supplying the products and/or services they need, at the highest quality and within the timeframe arranged.
RELATS, S.A. is firmly committed to constant innovation, through the development of new products and technology to assure growth and competitiveness in the future. We are all committed to meeting the needs of every customer, whether external or internal, in terms of all products and services, at all times.  The model for relationships between the members of the company is based on honesty and teamwork. RELATS, S.A. management has established the Quality Policy in accordance with the company’s purpose, focused on the commitment to meet legal and customer requirements and to constantly improve our processes and products. The Policy is announced in order to develop an awareness of Quality on the part of all RELATS, S.A. employees.
RELATS, S.A. management has established quantifiable Quality Targets. These, together with the policy, are to be reviewed annually to ensure they continue to be appropriate.